3 Reasons Why Men Love Beautiful Plus-Size Women

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I am young, handsome (that’s what women and men say to me), highly educated and employed. And I just prefer plus size women.

What do guys think of plus size women?
Now, I bet I’m expecting a reaction from two “sectors” of readers. Branch one is, “So you think you deserve a medal because you like big girls? That’s nothing to brag about,” while branch two is, “You like fat women…so what? Why? Write about it.” ?”

For those of you in the front row of the bleachers, I decided to write about my adoration for curvy women, because there are few people who don’t know that there are attractive men who want to date them or lust after them. .. or marry them.

We live in an imperfect and unfair existence, and plus size women sometimes don’t get the same public attention that petite women do. This may not be the experience of all plus size girls, but it is for far too many.

Guys like skinny and curvy girls, it just depends on what they like.

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For those who have second opinions, my intention is not to waste your time. But if I tell you about the women who drive me crazy (in a good way), I think it might inspire someone else to share something that makes their heart skip a beat.

Do men like plus size women? As a man, I feel like it’s important to come out and say out loud that I dig BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) because a lot of women want to know, what do guys think of plus size women? But what is it about plus size women that turns me on?

Here’s why men love plus size women.

  1. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin.
    Big women are beautiful.

Many plus-size women are attractive because they have the same natural confidence as thinner women, but many plus-size women may not. These women often develop confidence over time, and it’s a hard-earned confidence.

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